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    A happy and vibrant school. The students are talented, have enormous energy and a strong drive to excel in whatever they do. The school has recently had some of the best CBSE results in the region.

    Our aim is to nurture good human beings who are successful citizens and are able to make a difference to the world they live in.

    All the observations made in this paper and the measures suggested are based on my personal experience as Teacher and as Principal, and I am sure, can be tried in any institution and under any circumstances.

    It is my firm conviction that reducing parental stress at right time leads to better students, understanding parents and finally socially aware citizens with warm feelings of community living and patriotism.

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    School appreciates that community life is strengthened when occasions and festivals are celebrated together. It makes our children understand our composite culture and value the concept of Unity in Diversity.

    These celebrations are featured through Special Assemblies, Cultural Programmes, and theme based Competitions etc.

    In addition to National Days, school celebrates Childerns Day,Teachers Day,Gandhi Jayanti, Diwali, Id-ul-Fiter, Christmas,Gurupurab etc.



    07 April                          World Health Day
    22 April                          Earth Day
    08 May                            World Red Cross Day
    05 June                           World Environment Day
    02 Oct                            Gandhi Jayanti
    03 Dec                            World Day of the Handicapped
    07 Dec                            Armed Forces Flag Day
    10 Dec                            Human Rights Day
    25 Dec                            Christmas Day
    16 Jan                            Vivekanand Jayanti
    30 Jan                            Martyrs Day
    28 Feb                            National Science Day
    08 March                          International Womens Day
    22 March                          World Water Day