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    • Principle Speaks

      A happy and vibrant school. The students are talented, have enormous energy and a strong drive to excel in whatever they do. The school has recently had some of the best CBSE results in the region.

      Our aim is to nurture good human beings who are successful citizens and are able to make a difference to the world they live in.

      All the observations made in this paper and the measures suggested are based on my personal experience as Teacher and as Principal, and I am sure, can be tried in any institution and under any circumstances.

      It is my firm conviction that reducing parental stress at right time leads to better students, understanding parents and finally socially aware citizens with warm feelings of community living and patriotism.

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    The Library being a part of the curriculum. It is well stocked with age appropriate 2,000 books, apart from magazines, journals, dailies and reference books. Students are encouraged to inculcate the habit of reading. Books are issued weekly. Library staff makes it a priority to assist the students with their various projects. School has class library from classes I-VIII. Students are advised to make a record of the books read in the ‘Books I have read’ column in the almanac.

    The library is categorised into four sections:

    Classes I & II Library stocks fairy tales, fables, plays, and many more fictional book of great writers like Sally & Sam, Sam D. S. Enid Blyton, James H. Fassel, John Gatehouse, etc.

    Classes III to V Library stores books on fairy tales, short stories, fables, academic coverage, general knowledge, art & craft, etc.

    Classes VI – XII Library stores books on English Fiction, Hindi Fiction, Science & Technology, Art & Craft, History books, Encyclopaedias and many other reference books besides the syllabus books. From time to time books are been added to our already voluminous stock..

    We also have a magazine section where sports magazines and popular magazines like ‘India Today’, ‘Readers Digest’, ‘Outlook’ and ‘The Week’ are supplied.